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    Peng Wei, Secretary of Shuyang County Party Committee, and his delegation visited Aokai for investigation and guidance

    release time:2022-09-29  Reading number: 1591


    On September 28, Peng Wei, Secretary of Shuyang County Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, led Wang Rui, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and Head of the County, and other county leaders to Tianlong Tennis Jiangsu New Factory (Jiangsu Aokai Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.) to investigate and guide the work progress and project construction of the production base.


        "Are there any problems in the construction process?" On the site, Peng Shuji and his delegation carefully inquired about the construction of the project, the impact of the epidemic on the enterprise, and listened to the report on the production base project of Aokai Company. As a new manufacturing base of Tianlong Tennis in Jiangsu Province, the production base has a total land requisition of nearly 100 mu. In addition to the daily production of new plants, office buildings, dormitory complex buildings, etc., it has also introduced international and domestic advanced tennis production lines and professional technologies, making Aokai Sports' production equipment, testing equipment, technology and technical level at the leading level in the same industry in China.微信图片_20220929140350.png


    Li Guohua, vice president of Zhejiang Tianlong Tennis Co., Ltd., said that Aokai's engineering projects are progressing step by step, and most of the design and construction of sub projects have been basically completed. We would like to thank the leaders of Shuyang County Government and Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone for their concern and support for the construction project of Aokai Company. Aokai Company will also actively accelerate the project construction process, strive to complete the project construction on time and put it into daily production as soon as possible, so as to contribute to the development of Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national economic and technological development zone.

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